Advanced Natural Language

Create intelligent conversation flow
with OSCOVA's on-premises state-of-the-art NLP technology

Fastest Development
and Deployment time

Find step by step instructions to help you
get started building your first intelligent Digital Assistant.

In-Built Customizable Plugins

From weather, speech settings to news and media. Numerous in-built plugins have got you covered so you can start in no time.

Flexible Flow based

Build the knowledge-base with
by just connecting nodes
with custom behaviour.

Used by 1000s of developers worldwide to build their custom Assistants for homes and offices.

Perfect Luxury
For Your Office

Customize absolutely every aspect of the Assistant to rebrand and white-label components to suite the theme of your office. Add your company logo, title, intro message, themes and more.

Enterprise Edition for Offices

Getting Started with Ease

From Tutorials that drive your development to API Documentations, our Developer Network has got you covered.

All the tools you'll ever need

Rapidly develop your Assistant by leveraging on Oryzer Studio that enables you to programme complex conversational behaviour.

On-Premises Deployment

VA Framework is built to be available on-premises without any cloud or online API dependencies for deployment.

Let's build your first AI Assistant.

4 Simple Steps To Deployment

Bring in a new Digital member to your office or home my envisioning the next milestone of your technological journey


Download VA Framework to your development environment.

Activate and Learn

If you own a license activate the Digital Assistant platform and learn the concept of building an Assistant


Customize and Develop the Assistant using ORYZER Studio


Transport and launch your Digital Assistant on any device in your premises and let it do the magic.

Develop with

Leverage on the sleekest Flow based programming platform to design and develop custom conversation flows, plugins and customizations without coding.

Get ORYZER Studio


Let us answer your common questions.

Do I need to know programming to develop the Assistant ?

VA Framework Assistant is extended using Oryzer Studio - a platform for flow-based-programming that does not necessarily require you to code in any language. You create custom rich responses by dragging and connecting relevant nodes. You can still create complex integration and behaviours by creating custom plugins.

Does the Framework support Speech Recognition and Synthesis ?

VA Framework Assistant provides US and UK English Speech Synthesis and Command based recognition using native OS ASR and TTS technologies and does not use any online API.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the Assistant ?

VA Framework is designed to work on-premises (or on device) without any internet connectivity. However certain plugins for example Weather plugin do need to connect to online services to generate responses.

Where can I find resources to start the development ?

We understand the importance of well documentation and have hence create a plethora of tutorials in our Developer Network that provide guides and code samples for you to build your Assistant.

Can I customize the look of the Assistant ?

Community Edition provides a base light theme. Both PRO and ENTERPRISE editions offer color and theme customizations. For whitelabeling ENTERPRISE edition offers additional customization layer.

How can I upgrade to a PRO or ENTERPRISE version ?

You can buy a license key for PRO or ENTERPRISE edition by logging in to your Syn Account. The activation key is made available immediately after a successful payment on the account.


  • All Core Features
  • Sleek Light Theme
  • Forum Support



  • Everything in Basic
  • Themes and Colors
  • Discord/Telegram Integration
  • Priority Support - 48hr SLA

$ 65


  • Everything in PRO
  • Branding & White labeling
  • Reselling Rights
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Video Background
  • Password Protected Settings
  • Priority Support - 24hr SLA

$ 49 Monthly

VA Framework 2.0

Get the latest version of VA Framework with all updates included. Activating any version of the product requires a Syn Account.

Please register an account at Syn

VA Framework is a product by Synthetic Intelligence Network and is a comprehensive integration of OSCOVA Natural Language Processing engine.

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