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For your smart office or home and even for the Web.

DashCore features

What VA Framework can do for you

Advanced NLP

Create intelligent conversation flow
withOSCOVA'son-premises state-of-the-art NLP technology

Fast Deployment

Find step by step instructions to help you get started building your first intelligent Digital Assistant

In-built Plugins

From weather, speech settings to news and media. Numerous in-built plugins have got you covered so you can start in no time.


Build the knowledge-base visual with our no-code/low-code environment with custom behavior.

Realistic 3D Avatars

Leverage and highlight realistic avatars with gestures and properly lip-sync that give your assistant a personal touch.


Built from ground up for customization, from themes, color accents to 3D Avatars, change every aspect to suit your style and theme.


Perfect Luxury For Your Office

Customize absolutely every aspect of the Assistant to re-brand and white-label components to suit the theme of your office. Add your company logo, title, intro message, themes and more.

In creating a brand identity, consistency is the key. Create a more personalized experience for your clients, with its customizable components and user-friendly interface, you can create a branded experience that is both visually appealing and functional.

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Private Assistant For Your Home

Build your AI Assistant on top of dozens of time-tested plugins and stay assured your intelligent bot interactions stay private..

With dozens of time-tested plugins available, building a customized Assistant has never been easier. And with built-in privacy features, you can be confident that your bot interactions will remain confidential and secure.

Design better

We've got your covered

Getting Started with Ease

From Tutorials that drive your development to API Documentations, our Developer Network has got you covered.

All the tools you'll ever need

Rapidly develop your Assistant by leveraging on Oscova Composer that enables you to programme complex conversational behavior.

On-Premises Deployment

VA Framework is built to be available on-premises without any cloud or online API dependencies for deployment.

Quick start with
Oscova Bot Composer

Bot Composer is a Low-Code/No-Code rapid bot knowledge-base development environment for developers. Available on all platforms via any modern browser.

  • Bot Composer Low-code/no-code interface enables developers to create Bots much faster than traditional coding methods.

  • Cross-platform device access with a any web browser and internet connection, regardless of the operating system.

  • Easily maintain your Bot Project. Teams can collaborate more easily and effectively, allowing for faster and more efficient development.

  • Develop and live test your bot's knowledge-base right within the Composer without leaving the development environment.

Bot Composer

Desktop & Web Assistant?

VA Framework comes in 2 editions. VA Framework Desktop and VA Web Assistant

VA Desktop - Power Unleashed

VA Desktop is a Windows Desktop version of VA Framework. It utilizes maximum desktop and graphic card capabilities to render high-end 3D Avatars. Can synthesis speech and lip-sync Avatars to the text being spoken and can be extended via Plugin interface.


VA Web Assistant - Online

Built to be run on the Web within any browser and device. Designed to give simpler and non-parametric responses. Is a minimal implementation of pre-rendered Avatars with speech. Uplifts your website and gives your brand a visual identity.

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Includes simple but powerful functionality for individuals and small teams. You can upgrade on the way

  • Custom Avatars
  • Branding & White labeling
  • Realistic Avatars
  • Advanced Speech Plugin
  • Themes and Colors
  • Email Support (72Hrs)
  • All Core Features



For settle companies looking to stay competitive in the market and growing with the technology

  • Custom Avatars
  • Branding & White labeling
  • Realistic Avatars
  • Advanced Speech Plugin
  • Themes and Colors
  • Email Support (24Hrs)
  • All Core Features



Everything you can get from a professional solution to keep your business on its way to success

  • Custom Avatars (2)
  • Branding & White labeling
  • Custom Theme
  • Advanced Speech Plugin
  • Themes and Colors
  • Email Support (Same-Day)
  • All Core Features

Do you havequestions?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

VA Framework Assistant is extended usingOscova Composer- a low-code/no-code platform for rapidly building bot knowledge-base that does not necessarily require you to code in any language. You can also create complex integration and behaviors by creating custom plugins.
We understand the importance of well documentation and have hence create a plethora of tutorials in ourDeveloper Networkthat provide guides and code samples for you to build your Assistant.
Every edition of VA Framework offers color and theme customizations. While white-labeling is available in ENTERPRISE edition and offers additional customization layer.
You can buy a license key for PRO or ENTERPRISE edition by logging in to yourSyn Account. The activation key is made available immediately after a successful payment on the account.


VA Framework Desktop comes with dozens of essential plugins so you can begin right away and simply provide the right settings to enable them.


We have got you covered, from details about existing plugins, to creating custom ones on your own, every information is available in the developer portal.

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